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Global survey of business and IT decision makers reveals that special class of “mobile enterprises” benefits measurably from superior planning and execution of mobility programs.
EnterpriseTech notes that the new Forward! by Unisys platform represents “the culmination of years of work to bring mainframe-class security, virtualization, and workload management from ClearPath mainframes to X86 systems running Windows or Linux” and is “suitable for a wider array of customers” performing tasks from Unix-to-Linux workload migration to complex Hadoop queries.
Combining Unisys secure partitioning with Intel Xeon processors and virtualization technologies, this breakthrough fabric based architecture can help CIOs reduce cost of enterprise computing by up to 40 percent.
Rod Sapp, Unisys VP of TCIS Products and Technology, explains to ComputerWorld how the Unisys Stealth for Mobile solution allows organizations and their employees to safely to take advantage of BYOD.
Unisys Corporation announced the availability of its Unisys Stealth™ for Mobile solution to address the major security concerns facing enterprises as growing numbers of their employees use consumer devices at work.
Unisys complements power of industry-leading technology from BMC with a comprehensive set of services and a cloud-based delivery model.
Version 4.0 of contest draws participation from more than 5,200 students – largest response in contest’s history.
Third annual Unisys study of consumerization of IT shows that a super-connected class of “mobile elite” workers is defying IT policies to work more efficiently and serve customers – but potentially creating big risks along the way.
Identity and credit card theft continue to top list of security concerns; fewer Americans are “extremely concerned” about financial security compared with a year ago.
New initiative aimed at broadening market for Unisys Stealth Solution Suite to help organizations deal with growing cybersecurity threats.
Free Storage Survey 2012 application enables IT executives to benchmark storage efficiency against peers and plot new ways to control costs.
New dashboard capability gives administrators a single, integrated view to better manage their cloud resources and control costs
New services help clients realize the benefits of complex modernization initiatives in as little as 12 to 18 months while reducing costs
New high-end ClearPath Dorado and Libra models with enhanced operating environments are designed to handle clients’ growing mission-critical workloads.
Carriers can now offer voice integration with social media, visual voicemail and value-added services on new VoiceSource Express 400 Series platform.


View examples of how Unisys innovative services fit into our modern lifestyle.
Learn how the Unisys Secure Private Cloud delivers the transparency, automation, and agility to meet business needs while reducing the wait time from days down to minutes.
Learn how Stealth allows multiple user communities to share the same IT infrastructure, securely, and isolate applications so that only the authorized users can see and access the data unique to that application.