We invite you to explore these featured items on the disruptive IT trends. You will learn why they’re important, the challenges and opportunities they present for your business, and you’ll discover the unique Unisys and industry perspectives on how to exploit these trends for business advantage.
Employees maintain that consumer devices and applications improve their productivity at work. Meet the "Mobile Elite" - a group of early adopters whose work and personal spaces contract into a single tablet, phone or website. In this video, Weston Morris, Portfolio Architect, Unisys Global Managed Services, explains who they are how and how enterprises can leverage them to enhance business value.
Listen to Colin Lacey, VP, Data Center Transformation Services and Solutions and practice director for DCT/Cloud services, talk about the Unisys approach to cloud and how it has evolved.
Listen to Bill Maclean, VP, ClearPath & AB Suite Solution Management, talk about why IT appliances are needed to meet the expectations of the organization.
Listen as Nick Evans, VP & GM, CTO Office, discusses the business benefits of Smart Computing through quicker actions and cost savings.
Listen as Nick Evans, VP & GM, CTO Office, talks about how social computing can be used by businesses as a game changer to generate revenue.
Listen to Terry Hartmann, VP, Global Security Solutions, talk about the need to understand many aspects of mobile technology once you embrace the idea.
Listen to Steve Vinsik, VP, Global Security Solutions, discuss finding the balance between costly cyber threats and the cost of remedying them.
We’ve just seen such an escalation of [coordinated cyber attacks] over the past year that it’s really become something that has been disruptive and that we’ve had to analyze and understand the ways to protect against that.
Steve Vinsik, Unisys