Case Studies
Read and learn what’s on the minds of the market and Unisys clients related to the disruptive IT trends, including stories of Unisys in action solving clients’ challenges.
Unisys leverages social technologies across the enterprise to improve workplace collaboration, drive innovation, and gain competitive advantage.
V.F. Grace, Inc. employed the ClearPath ePortal Business solution—a specialty engine operating within the company's secure ClearPath Libra environment—to web-enable key product information transactions that provide details regarding product availability, pricing, and current promotions.
Unisys Engineering Resource Lab embarked on a data center transformation project that involved deploying run book automation software, as well as technology to streamline and automate both the provisioning of virtual servers and the repurposing of physical servers.
The outsourcing service provider chose Unisys Advisory Services for Data Center and Cloud Transformation to help assess the current situation and provide an actionable plan to move the organization forward with its technology architecture.
In its effort to expand online access to a wide range of individuals and agencies, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) sought outside help that would allow it to stay centered on the business of people without risking national security or the productivity of its workforce. It chose Unisys to deliver highly customized Secure Gateway Services (SGS).
Unisys initiated a three year Mobility program called ‘Moving Parts’ – an approach to build and implement a Consumerization of IT (CoIT)-Ready Enterprise Architecture. This approach helped Unisys improve current security measures and integrate emerging technologies into the enterprise.
Agency transitions 25,000 users to cloud-based Google Apps for Government
Successful project to improve public service access delivered with minimal capex investment and funded by ongoing opex savings
Unisys “Stealth Solution for Secure Virtual Terminal” can allow Coast Guard teleworkers to safely share enterprise networks from any location.
La Caixa turned to Unisys for advisory services that reviewed the financial institution’s strategic goals, assessed transformation and delivery options, and developed a roadmap to achieve efficiencies and flexibility. With the help of Unisys and BMC® Software, la Caixa deployed a suite of infrastructure management tools that automate resource provisioning, ensure process standardization, and assist with security audit responses.
The Unisys USDA Loan Eligibility Checker provides you with a quick and easy-to-use interface for determining whether a location or address might be eligible for a USDA Rural Development home loan program.
Selected Unisys for Stealth Solution data protection technology to help secure and protect Hertz customers’ credit card data against fraud.
Working with Hong Kong Government Efficiency Unit, Unisys is helping the popular Youth Portal to take advantage of social networks, mobile computing, and collaborative tools.
Customers of Rio de Janeiro water utility company CEDAE can pay their water bills using their smartphones, thanks to an innovative new solution from Unisys.
Cs - bancolombia_med
Read about Bancolombia extending its more than 30-year relationship with Unisys, contracting the company to provide outsourced data center operations and a fraud detection and prevention solution.
Cs - pershing_limited_med
After working with Pershing Limited to understand its business continuity requirements, Unisys deployed an automated failover solution that enables the company to quickly restore operations in the event of a disaster or disruption.
Cs - leveraging_social_collaboration
Read about the global initiative to make knowledge sharing and social collaboration an integral part of Unisys’ culture.
Unisys and our IT group are moving forward, and they are making great efforts in giving better internal service that will, for sure, result in improved service for our customers.
Gonzalo Toro,
Vice President Corporate Banking, Bancolombia